The Murder of Al-Ḥusain bin ʿAlī | Abū ʿAṭiyyah Maḥmūd

A Brief Study of the Connection of the Shīʿah to the Murder of Al-Ḥusain bin ʿAlī bin Abī Ṭālib on the day of ʿĀshūrah

Compiled & Translated by Abū ʿAṭiyyah Maḥmūd aṣ-Ṣomālī

A beneficial compilation that uncovers the truth regarding this occurence on the day of ʿĀshūrah in the place called Karbalā, including the following topics:

  • The Death of Al-Ḥusain bin ʿAlī bin Abī Ṭālib -Allāh is pleased with them both-
  • When was the Innovation of the Shīʿah on the Day of ʿĀshūrah First Practiced?
  • The People of Knowledge, Past and Present, have Condemned these Radical Actions of the Shīʿah
  • Some Innovations which were brought along to oppose the Shīʿah on the Day of ʿĀshūrah

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