Closure of Masājid in the event of a pandemic | Shaykh ‘Abdul Hamīd al-Zu’kurī

In the light of recent instructions put out by several nations with regards to closure of Masājid due to pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 and advise to offer the obligatory prayers at home, Shaykh Abū Muhammad ‘Abdul Hamīd al-Zu’kurī al-Ḥajūrī حفظه الله posted the following clarification:

  1. Restricting from (entering) masājid is not approved except if calamity prevails and overwhelms
  2. Restricting the diseased from entering upon the healthy and vice versa is mandatory[1]
  3. Obedience to the walī al-Amr (those who oversee the affairs of the muslims) in (affairs of) obedience to Allah is obligatory[2]
  4. In the likes of such novel affairs (Nawāzil)[3], differing is not denounced
  5. There is no sin upon the people for failing to perform the Jumu’ah (Friday prayer) and the Jama’ah (Congregational Prayer) due to inability to do so.


– Translated by Abū Aasiya Muzaffar غفر الله له

Translator’s Footnotes:

  1. Due to the saying of the Prophet ﷺ, “Do not put a sick one with a healthy one” Agreed upon.
  2. As evidenced by the narration of Ibn `Umar رضي الله عنه: The ‘Prophet ﷺ said, “It is obligatory for one to listen to and obey (the ruler’s orders) unless these orders involve one disobedience (to Allah); but if an act of disobedience (to Allah) is imposed, he should not listen to or obey it.” Sahih al-Bukhari 2955
  3. Major affairs which have affected the Muslims and therefore require guidance from the recognised major scholars


1_ منع المساجد مطلقا لا يسلم إلا إذا عم البلاء وطم 

2_ منع المريض من الدخول على الأصحاء والعكس واجب 

3_ طاعة ولي الأمر في طاعة الله واجبة 

4_ في مثل هذه النوازل المختلف فيها لا ينكر عليه

5_ ليس على الناس إثم في التخلف عن الجمعة والجماعة لعدم الاستطاعة